South Dakota continued - Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse

WHERE TO STAY - Southern Hills Rv 

WHAT TO DO - Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse

First off - GO TO THE PURPLE PIE PLACE (look for the purple pig).  It has been featured on The Food Network.  Unbelievable ice cream and pie. 


Mt. Rushmore - Something you think that you will see and read about in the History Books.  Mt. Rushmore is a must see.  As you drive toward the big guys in the sky you meander thru turns and hills that tease you with small peaks of their profile.  You read about entering thru the tunnels and seeing them, it is all true.   

Once you arrive, there are a ton of people that are all wanting to experience the lure of what this is that we've discussed as kids. 

You walk thru the entrance and you are encompassed by all of the State Flags.  It feels as if you were chosen to walk in a patriotic parade.   Sitting at the end of the display of flag are THE PRESIDENTS.  I actually remember giggling with an overcoming gratefulness over the fact that we were given the opportunity to be there.  

Washington, Jefferson,Roosevelt,Lincoln - IN THAT ORDER

Trivia question - Is Roosevelt wearing glasses in his carving? 

If you are planning to visit, plan for something additional during the day.  Once you see the massive rock, you feel like - "yep, I saw it, what's next"? 


Crazy Horse - To be honest, we all thought this was more miraculous than Mt. Rushmore. Maybe it is because of the history museum that was so beautifully presented to us. We studied in aww of what they had to go thru for their land.

The head is currently the only thing fully carved. They have begun his arm. His full body riding a horse is the ultimate goal.  It will take an estimated 100 years to complete the full carving of Crazy Horse.  

The history of crazy horse is shocking.  An Indian man trying to save the land his fellow Indians had worked so hard for. He ultimately agreed to meet with the white man to discuss a peace treaty. When he arrived they killed him with a bayonet. 


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