Do I Have to Sand?
I routinely ask people why they chose Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT®. I receive a potpourri of responses, but without a doubt, the number one response I receive is, Because I don't have to sand or strip it. This is the main reason I first began using CHALK PAINT®.

Q. Do I need to sand before painting with CHALK PAINT®?

A. CHALK PAINT® decorative paint adheres to almost any surface, indoors and outside, and there’s rarely a need to sand or prime before painting. Most times cleaning and dusting off the surface will do. There may be times, however, when you’ll need to sand with medium or fine grit sandpaper to remove loose paint, rust, and other surface debris, or when the surface is very glossy or made of melamine or a laminate. Remember to change out your piece of sandpaper when it becomes clogged with old paint, etc. A fresh sheet makes the task at hand easier to accomplish.

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