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Take that Trip - Where to Start 

How many times have you said, "when I get older" I want to do.......... 

We have said for several years that we want to take off out west.  I somewhat thought it was a pipe dream that may or may not come to fruition.   Just like many/most people, COVID stoped any travel plans, which truly made me think that we would never take the opportunity to elegantly glide through the snowcovered peaks of Wyoming or see the beautifully etched stone of our past Presidential faces. 

Welp, I thought wrong.  We took the plunged and dialed into planning a 5 week opportunity to look at life from the backside of the windshield.  

4 adults, 2 kids and a pup danced into my parents 40 ft Motorcoach and we blasted off.   You could see the nervousness on all of our faces as well as the enthusiasm for newness shining thru.  Our clothes perfectly packed, our food wrapped and compactly stored and a cabinet full of books to dive into as we drove 3-400 miles a day to reach our ultimate destination. 

After a prayer, we eased out of the driveway and I thought to myself, "is this real"?

It sure was and we survived to prove it. 

AND....... we will soon be going back out! 

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