Painting Family Heirlooms
People often come into the shop wanting to transition a piece they have had in their family for years.  Either it was grandmas or moms, and it has a story of when and where it came from and where it sat in the old house but for the majority of people “it just doesn't fit" into their current decor but there is no way they are going to get rid of such a special piece.

Q. I am planning to paint a piece of furniture that I have had in my family for years, but I’m scared to take the leap, do you have any suggestions?

A. My immediate response is that “your family would much rather you enjoy it and place it in an area that would receive attention than for you to place it in a spare room so that you can keep it just as it is." How do I know this, Because I have experienced this myself with some of my Grandma's pieces? I have some beautiful pieces of hers that just don't match. With a bit of fright, I asked my Mom if she would mind if I painted them so I could bring them out of storage and into the prime space they deserve.  You know what Mom said? I would prefer you paint them and use them than store them out of sight. :)

If your home is filled with lots of flare and pops of color, you can easily incorporate it with a pop of color that is transitional throughout the years.  I’d typically suggest Blues, simply because there are so many variations of the color blue.  You can have a vibrant electric blue or a cool grey-blue and several in between blends. These can be colors that typically will blend with different color pallets as you make changes in the future. 

If you have a home that is primarily gray and white, you have an easy task ahead of you. You can use a beautiful cool gray, a warm gray like French Linen, you could keep it clean by picking a  white or you could even use this as your time to get sassy by adding a pop of color.

In all cases, if you come into the shop and ask me to help you choose a color,  it will make it easy for me if you have pictures or color inspiration from the room you plan to place the piece.  

We do offer in-home consultations. If you need me to make a visit, that can be easily arranged. 

Have a Beautiful Day!!  Enjoy every moment possible.

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